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HAPPY HOLIDAYS - from Margot.


I want to thank ALL those who either
or followed
my 2 BLOGS and my
WEBSITE during 2009.


Margor's BOOKS for KIDS + Writing News

Margot Finke's of Books for Children

I tried to offer writing help and guidance to those who write for children, as well as provide titles and links to where parents and teachers could find books that HOOK BOYS on READING, as well as hook other RELUCTANT READERS.

HEY - I know I ragged on about e-BOOKS,
and books on CD.
I couldn't help it, fairdinkum!

I just LOVE the eBooks I wrote:
How can you beat QUALITY that is

Warm Holiday Greetings

from me to YOU!

And wishes for continued health and happiness
NEW book contracts,+ hefty
checks for 2010!

May 2010 be your break out year!


Margot Finke


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Saturday, December 5, 2009

BOOKS - Gifts That Will Change Kid's Lives!

Children's BOOKS
can be a Magic Carpet Ride into the past,
or a peek into the future.

They offer ways of learning that GRAB a child's
imagination. Books encourage thinking.
They also allow your child to safely
visit fascinating places.


Guide children down the pathway of knowledge,
enjoyment, and pure fun.

(no matter what format that books arrives in)

Whether unwrapped on Christmas morning,
as hard cover or soft cover, or appearing
on your computer screen ( gasp!)
Thrifty GREEN Download,
or a
way-cool CD.

Your kids ARE computer savvy. They GET books
downloaded onto e-readers or screens!


7 eBook

"Kangaroo Clues"

from my Wild & Wonderful rhyming series.
(fun and educational)


NOW. . .

Other books that will make terrific gifts,
and HOOK your reluctant reader on reading.

Three winners by JUDY COX :
Mistress of fast-paced books for boys
(and girls too)

* The Mystery of the Burmese Bandicoot:
Book One in The Tails of Frederick and Ishbu
Marshall Cavendish $16.99
* The Case of the Purloined Professor:
Book Two in The Tails of Frederick and Ishbu
Marshall Cavendish $16.99
* That Crazy Eddie and the Science Project of Doom
Holiday House $15.95
ALL 3 at Amazon

Series by RENEE HAND:
Fun and adventire for all.
North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc.

The Crypto-Capers: The Case of the Missing Sock
The Crypto-Capers: The Case of the Red Rock Canyon
The Crypto-Capers: The Legend of the Golden Monkey

Fast-passed historical fiction for boys set in the
San Francisco earthquake of 1906:

Into the Firestorm
Knopf/Yearling $5.99

Two great boy's books by DORIS HOLIK KELLY:

* Mystery of the Copper Turtle - Amazon
* Mystery of the Voyageur's Rendezvous - Amazon
Arbutus Press
** Book #3 in this series is coming soon:
The Mystery of the Bone Scavengers


Check some of my past Blog pages for other
terrific titles
your reluctant readers
will enjoy reading.


Books for Kids - Manuscript Critiques
Margot's Books for Kids + Writing News

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Great Christmas BOOKS for BOYS.

Okay, here I go again, on my hobby-horse:

This Blog is all about

Identifying terrific books for the kids (especially boys) in
your life, and writing books for them

However today, I can take none of the credit for this post.
I simply copied and pasted this wonderfully
detailed resource for you to read.

The guilty party is . . .
Cathy Camper's




Get that reluctant reader

by giving him books that follow his interests.

Cathy's post to me includes:
links, titles, authors + words of wisdom.

Let's begin with a link to
Multnomah County Library's lists.
( OR the library where you live)

Cahy begins by writing. . .

We did some great book clubs with dads and boys,
a good way to foster male mentors.

Jon Scieszka, of Stinky Cheese fame, is a huge supporter of Guys Read, and has lists on his website. His biography, Knucklehead, is a book for guys, talks about his childhood growing up in a family of 5 boys. Really funny, not hard to read.

I work at the library doing outreach to schools grades K-12.
So I'm always doing book talks: talking with kids
about what they're reading etc.

Please don't forget non-fiction when pitching to boys. One thing we have to get over is that reading = fiction. Reading can equal sports stats, almanacs, poetry, graphic novels. So here's some titles I've seen hands grab:

Heck Where the Bad Kids Go by Portland author Dale Basye...the 2 middle school protagonists are bad, but too young to go to Hell, so they end up in Heck, which is like...ugh! Middle school.

The sequel is now out too, Rapacia the Second Circle of Heck. At one school book talk I did, ALL the boys wanted to read this, and NONE of the girls. I did a podcast interview with Dale. Podcast posted HERE

Mummies; the Newest, Coolest and Creepiest from Around the World. Think mummies are just found in Egypt? Think again, there's bog mummies, Peruvian mummies, mummies preserved in ice...and my favorite in this book are some Eastern monks that drank special herbs, meditated...and mummified themselves! Check out the pictures in this book if you don't believe me.

Just starting to read? Luke on the Loose is a fantastic graphic novel with a controlled vocabulary. Luke's a kid that can't stop chasing pigeons, so he chases them all over New York City. This is published by Toon Books, Art Spiegelman and his wife Francis Mouly, and they have a really good line-up of graphic novel readers. Visit them HERE

For 2-4th grade boys, don't miss The Dunderheads, by Paul Fleischman, about a group of kids who have a horrible awful teacher...and figure out how to use their talents, to get revenge.

For older boys who are into sports, I recommend the novels of Mike Lupica. ( I liked Heat). They talk about sports, but work in other issues as well. Heat is about a boy with fantastic baseball talent, but also involves immigrations issues, and competition between boys.

The Juvie Three is another one for middle school boys, about three boys in trouble with the law, who are assigned to live with a social worker in an apt. in NYC. When the social worker is injured in a fall, and loses all memory, the boys decide they must do everything just as if he were still around, so the authorities won't send them back to jail....but can they pull it off? Especially when one of them becomes a rock star, another falls in love, and the third is pulled back towards his life of crime....

And yes, I'm working on 2 books for boys...because I love writing humor, a lot of what I like falls into the 'what boys like' category, and I often have boy protagonists. As an author, when I book talked my book, Bugs Before Time, I often got asked by kids, "Why did you, a girl, write about bugs?" Answer: "Because they fascinate me." : )

I hope this helps and do please take a look at some of these great titles!

Thanks Cathy.
These add to the growing number of

Monday, November 16, 2009

Margot gets Smacked Down!

Oh BOY! The BIG Margot Smack Down
caught me by surprise.

I have been known to pontificate about the fact
that most books for boys are written by men.

Well, a knowledgeable writer pelted me with titles,
provingthat a good number of females
DO write terrific boy's books.

I still insist it's not a majority (which was my original
point), yet larger numbers than
I gave the ladies credit for.

This writer pointed out the error in my assumptions, and went on to provide titles, plus author's names to back up her claims. I do not admit defeat, but I do bow to her great research, and wide knowledge of what goes on in the world of writing for children.

Introducing the Smack Down lady herself. . .

Rosanne Parry
( a wonderfully talented writer)

She smacked me down with this impressive list of authors and titles.

All of them kid friendly books - written by women,
and with young boys in mind.

Guys Lit Wire. They have hundreds of boy-oriented books in categories including everything from First Love to Flying Cars.

I think there is not lack of women who write strong boy characters. From Portland alone, Ursula Le Guin's Wizard of Earthsea series qualifies, as does Henry Huggins, and Henry and Ribsy,The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. Heather Vogel Frederick's Spy Mice series is James Bond for 9 year olds. Gretchen Olson's Joyride is a great example of a strong male YA character.

Laini Taylor's Dreamdark series and Virginia Euwer Wolff's Make Lemonade series have devoted readers in both genders. Their female protagonists are nicely balanced with a cast that includes interesting men and boys.

If you want to look beyond the hometown (Oregon) crowd, here are some books published this year, authored by women with strong boy protagonists.

Bull Rider by Suzanne Morgan Williams
When the Whistle Blows by Fran Cannon Slayton
Freaked by J.T. Dutton
Initiation by Susan Fine
Haven by Beverly Patt
Operation Redwood by S. Terrill French
The Secrets of the Cheese Syndicate by Donna St. Cyr

hit the jackpot with these titles.

And Oregon DOES have a slew of great children's writers. Maybe it's our extremely active and helpful SCBWI? Or maybe, just maybe, it's all that rain? I mean, what else can you do, cooped up during those long, chilly, wet winters? Kill slugs?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MAYARA CALVANI - writes books that Hook Kids on Reading!

Mayra Calvani

writes stories that captivate
kids and their parents.

Her latest is no exception.

Illustrated by Kit Grady
Guardian Angel Publishing

Who wouldn't love jumping into the world of a cute hamster like Humberto?
And Kit Grady's illustrations bring Humberto and friends to LIFE!

Humberto is an antisocial little hamster… he’s totally addicted to books! His neighbors, the squirrel, the rabbit, the skunk, the hedgehog and the beaver want to become his friends, but Humberto doesn’t have time for them. He’s too busy reading! Then one day, disaster strikes and he must choose between saving his books and helping his soon-to-be friends.

Softcover ISBN: 978-1-935137-92
eBook ISBN 978-1-935137-93-1
Copyright 2009
24 pages
Ages 4-8


And here's a not too well kept secret. . .

If you go to Mayra's Website you can read more
about Humberto and his friends. Click on Picture Books,
and take a peek at her other delightful books for young children.

Mayra's BLOG is another place full of goodies you will enjoy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

These Parents HOOKED their KIDS on READING - EARLY!

My daughter Laura, and her husband Dave,
are terrific parents.

And my two wonderful grand-daughters are
much loved and cherished.

Laura with Karly & Reagan

Karly - 8 months

Reagan 2 1/2

Karly & Reagan
They are the delight of my life.

But what has all this to do with HOOKING kids on reading?

Read on. . .

These two great parents began reading to their girls from the moment they were born. Their house has so many children's books, it is beginning to resemble a library. They sit on the couch, flow onto the floor, tumble off tables, and crowd the girl's bedrooms.

In my daughter's home, reading to their girls is only a whisker less important than food, love, and nap time. HINT: Mom needs the nap breaks, even if the girls are still rarin' to go!!

Here are some of their favorite titles.
Read them to the small ones
in your life!

The Bunny Book - by Patsy Scarry

Max Counts His Chickens - by Rosemary Wells

(Reagan loves anything Max and Ruby related)
My "A" Book - by Jane Belk Moncure

Bramble Bear - I Wish I Was... - by Geoffrey Alan/Lynny Gibba
The Big Red Bus - by Judy Hindley
The Tale of Peter Rabbit - by Beatrix Potter

The bond, closeness, and fun of reading picture books to a child, in time can develop in them a genuine love of books, plus reading for the sheer pleasure of it.

Books can take your children where you can't afford to take them, give them insights they will treasure, and offer a window into the lives of a host of wonderful characters. Books can be fun, educational, or mind bogglingly intriguing.

My daughter and her husband have the right idea -

Make sure the kids in your life discover the
hidden treasure found ONLY in books!

My Website - Manuscript Critiques
BUY any Autographed Book from my website, and
receive a FREE LINK to me READING that story!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

BOOKS - Guaranteed to HOOK KIDS on READING!

Take Note of These 3 Authors:

Lynn Garthwaite - Kaleb Nation
- Renee Hand.

These authors write books that will GRAB
your reluctant reader's interest.



If your reluctant reader is a young teen, drop
Bran Hambric - the Fairfield Curse,
by Kaleb Nation, on his bedside table.

Bran Hambric was found locked in a bank vault at six years old, with no memory of his past. For years, he has lived with one of the bankers, wondering why he was left behind -- until one night, when he is fourteen, he is suddenly confronted by a maddened creature, speaking of Bran’s true past and trying to kidnap him. ....................That's what I call baiting the HOOK!


For younger readers,
HOOK them on books by these 2 Authors:

Dirkle has his own web page, where he shows kids where to go for the Books, Fun Stuff , about the Characters + lots MORE. Available from AMAZON

Lynn told me this: "Kids who are just learning to read on their own need to find something fun and interesting, so they understand how much fun books can be. I write the kind of books I liked to read when I was that age: anything with a secret, a hidden room, transport to a magical land, or the discovery of something that had been hidden for hundreds of years.

Those kinds of books just sucked me right in."




Renee Hand's
Crypto-Capers Series -
Beginning with these 2:

The Case of the Missing Sock

plus - The Case of Red Rock Canyon
(Both available from Amazon and B&N)

What child doesn't want to root for a
bunch of kids who solve mysteries.

Visit Renee's Website for books, Bio, and MORE


Also, check on the right of this page for a list of
HOOK 'EM NOW books for both
boys and girls.

Visit my own Reluctant Reader Friendly books page.
sample verses - illustrations - cover slides - trailer.

REMEMBER: Books must have fast paced stories, full of
fun, action, and cool dialogue, if you want to
HOOK that reluctant reader - or boy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Parents, Home Schoolers and Teachers. . .
Today I bring you 3 books with built in HOOKS.

If your boy (or girl ) reluctant reader hides when you suggest they read,
or when the teacher assigns a home reading project, don't despair.

First, make sure they do not have a genuine reading
disability, like dyslexia, or a need for glasses.

Once that hurdle is cleared, your main
problem is finding books that
have a plots and characters
that interest them.

Bland and cute will not cut it with these finicky readers.

Try wild adventure, outer space, quirky wimps that mature fast, or a character with the same interests as your child. If they love computers, racing cars or horses, then search for author who bring these elements into their stories. With your librarian's help, point your reluctant reader in the direction of of books that involve the things they are passionate about. Look for fast action, cool situations and dialogue, plus wacky adventures.

Below are 3 examples of books that have "boy baited" hooks:

Storky: How I Lost my Nickname and Won the Girl -
by D.L. Garfinkle

Partial Review From Booklist - American Library Association:
Gr. 8-11. High-school freshman Mike Pomerantz is tall and too skinny, with bird legs and wiry hair. He has an unrequited crush on fellow smart-kid--beautiful, popular Gina--who scorns him. Mike confides his troubles to his computer journal, with wry humor and deliciously bitter caricatures.

* Available from Amazon


Stuck in the 70s by D.L. Garfinkle

From School Library Journal

Grade 9 Up—When Tyler walks into his bathroom in the middle of the night and sees strange, but gorgeous, Shay taking a bubble bath, he thinks he's dreaming. She thinks it's an elaborate joke. One minute she's in 2006 and the next minute, the dorky guy who won't stop staring at her is telling her it's 1978. All Shay wants to do is get back home. Tyler wouldn't mind if she stayed a while and maybe helped him improve his science-geek reputation. They strike a deal. She will help him out at school if he'll figure out how to send her back to her own time.
Because it is WAY out-of-the-box, teens (boys and girls) will be hooked on this one.

* Available from Amazon


A sneak peek at Max Elliot Anderson's Blog told me about this book:

Bran Hambric - The Farfield Curse - by Kaleb Nation,

Part Synopsis:
Bran Hambric was found locked in a bank vault at six years old, with no memory of his past. For years, he has lived with one of the bankers, wondering why he was left behind -- until one night, when he is fourteen, he is suddenly confronted by a maddened creature, speaking of Bran’s true past and trying to kidnap him. Bran finds that he is at the center of a plot which started years before he was even born: the plot of a deadly curse his mother created…and one that her former masters are hunting for him to complete. Haunted by the spirit of his mother’s master and living in a city where magic is illegal, Bran must undo the crimes of his past...before it is too late.

This is another book reluctant teen readers will devour.

* Want to preview the first 4 chapters for free?
Click here to download.


My Website - Manuscript Critiques
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Monday, August 17, 2009

e-BOOKS are COOL - Try them on your RELUCTANT READER.

"E-book Sales are Finally Taking Off -
With or without Kindles and Readers!"

This is the title of an article, written by Peter Svensson
for the Associated Press - read it HERE

The Oregonian Newspaper today printed this fascinating article about e-BOOKS and their growing popularity. Now they are available on iPhones, Kindle, Blackberries, book readers, as well as the good old computer screen. This makes it easy for an e-Book story, or newspaper article, to while away that s-l-o-w "wait" time: for adults and kids alike. YEA!

And if you have a reluctant reader, or a boy who hates to read, try him with an e-Book. The button pressing and new technology will get him interested, and the right story will do the rest. By "right story," I mean something rough, tough, action packed and macho!

Other sections on this blog offer
"Boy Friendly" titles and authors.

E-books are Green, Save Trees, Environmentally Friendly and Much Cheaper than their paper versions. You don't have to buy a book reader or a Kindle - not until they came WAY down in price anyway. Your PC or laptop screen works just fine.

It is only a matter of time before book readers are able to show color, and can be bought for well under the $100 mark. Imagine several dozen books downloaded into a light, hand held reader that is no heavier than the average library book. Or, use your Blackberry or other device to hold a great book or two. This will help you while away those spare minutes.

This Will Happen!
The interest and upsurge in e-Book Interest
has already begun!

Kids today are teckno savvy, mates.

There is a time and a place for books of all types -
both in paper, and those that are downloaded.

The future will embrace both paper and electronic books.
Reading pleasure for everyone!


My Website - Manuscript Critiques
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Max Elliot Anderson - Author of BOOKS BOYS WILL READ

Today, I want to introduce you to

Max Elliot Anderson and his Blog,

If you want your boy to stop being a reluctant reader, you need to search out authors who know how to write about things boys find cool, fun, and slightly dangerous. Max Anderson is one such author. Boys eat up his wildly adventuresome plots and characters.

WHY? Because Max's characters do things
all boys long to do.

His characters dig deep, and find the courage to act in ways that make boys feel good about the end result. Boys find it easy to root for and identify with what his main character feels and does. His books reach a chord within young boys that appeals to their macho image of themselves, without overdoing it. And his books are FUN!

Max Anderson's Blog, BOOKS and BOYS is the place
to go if you want to discover books your boy
will read, and then beg for more.

To give you some idea of how this great writer thinks, plus synopses of some terrific adventures for boys, click on the links below. Also read pertinent links to articles on how to write for boys.

Here's another Author Interview with Max Anderson,
you can score BIG for your
reluctant reader.

Click on the link above, and add a comment on that blog,
and you could WIN one of Max's books!

These links below start you off on the Max Elliot grand tour:

Books for Boys
Cool Guys Read
Books for Boys by Max Elliot Anderson
Action-Adventure & Mystery Books for Boys
Background on Max Anderson

And if you CLICK HERE you can link to ALL the rest of Max's Blogs.

Hey, what can I say. The man's a dynamo!


My Website - Manuscript Critiques

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"Virtual" SUMMER ZOO CAMP - Fun for ALL Kids!

The Reluctant Reader Lair is all about WRITING
"Books That HOOK Kids on READING,"
+ helping PARENTS FIND
BOOKS their
Reluctant Reader will love.


What better way to HOOK BOYS and GIRLS
than zooming them to
"Virtual" Summer Zoo Camp

a cool book about

Calling all parents, teachers and caregivers with children
between the ages of 5 and 8 - Do you need some fun,
educational activities for your children this summer?
Can't afford to send them off to a zoo camp?
We have the answer.

Starting July 6, 2009 we are holding a
Virtual Summer Zoo Camp.
It's online and it's totally FREE.

All you have to do is sign up

Then mark these dates on your child's calendar:
Eight Weeks of Zoo Animal Fun!

July 6-12 Meerkat Mania
July 13-17 Leaping Lizards
July 20-24 Virtuous Vultures
July 27-31 Fascinating Frogs
August 3-7 Observant Okapis
August 10-14 Playful Penguins
August 17-21 Slithery Snakes
August 24-28 Amazing Antelope

There will be Games, Animal Trivia, Arts and Crafts and all kinds of Puzzles. So what are you waiting for? Hop over to Zebee's Summer Zoo Camp and sign up today.

Joy Delgado had this delightful ZOO VISIT inspiration, and it fits perfectly with her Bi-lingual children's book, all about a bevy of cute, and oh-so-cool zoo animals -

Available from Amazon

Educational summer fun for YOUR kids - reluctant reader or NOT!


* Critiques - Writing Help - Books:
* Books for Kids + Writing News

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HOOK KIDS on READING at Robin Falls Kid's Story Time

The Reluctant Reader Lair
All about writing "Books That HOOK Kids
BOOKS their Reluctant Readers will read.


Tomorrow morning,
June 24th, at 8am Pacific time,
tune in to regular weekly Summer fun for kids,
Robin Falls Kid's Story Time -
Blog Talk Radio.

I will be a guest tomorrow, at 8am, to chat
about writing
books for boys, and read from
my latest book,
"Rattlesnake Jam" - a sure fire
reluctant reader pleaser!

Other guests will follow, + give aways,
and you and your kids can ask questions
at the end of the show.

Please phone in your questions or comments
(646) 649-1005

Go to Robin Falls Story Time on
Facebook for more details

I will also be very happy to answer any e-mail
questions you or your child send me.

FREEBIE: Everyone who e-mails me tomorrow, or phones in a question for ME and leaves their name and e-mail address, will receive a link to me reading one of my stories, PLUS the fun illustrations.


Critiques - Writing Help - Rattlesnake Jam
+ 7 Book Series: fun and educational

Margot's Books for KIDS + Writing News

"Ruthie and the Hippo's Fat Behind"
C-O-M-I-N-G Soon!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The RELUCTANT READER LAIR goes on Robin Falls Kids Story Time - Blog Talk Radio

The Reluctant Reader Lair
All about writing "Books That HOOK Kids
their Reluctant Readers will read.


Hey there, mates. On June 24th, at the very early hour
of 8am Pacific time
, I will be a guest on the
Robin Falls Kids Story Time
Blog Talk Radio Show.

I get to chat about how to write books for reluctant readers - especially boys, and then read from my latest book, "Rattlesnake Jam," a boy friendly rhyming story if there ever was one.

I even sneak in a plug for my next book from G.A.P,
"Ruthie and the Hippo's Fat Behind."

Ruthie is not a boy, but if I'd named her Stevie, the Hippo and her freak-out fits would fit Stevie, right down to the mismatched pair of socks! Stevie and the Hippo's Fat Behind would definitely hook small boys.

Everyone who leaves their e-mail address, when they phone in or leave a comment, receives a FREE AUDIO of me reading one of my rhyming kid friendly stories + the illustrations

So, phone in here -(646) 649-1005
Go to Robin Falls Story Time on Facebook


my 7 book rhyming series -
Fun facts about animals from the US and Australia.

Visit Down-under Fun or Wild Us Critters
for extra information about the animals in these books


Friday, June 12, 2009



The Reluctant Reader Lair
is all about authors writing "Books That Will HOOK Kids
on READING," and parents who are happy
to find and buy them.


Do You Worry Because Your Child
Doesn't Like Reading?

I have discovered that more reluctant readers are boys.
As a writer of children's books, I find this
shocking and unacceptable.

However, I'm betting it's because girl genes swoon over
frills, pink, cute puppies, playing house,
and dress-up.

On the other hand, boy genes go for fast action, frogs,
yucky stuff, dirt, shooting guns and practicing
gross underarm noises.

Who writes kid's books anyway?

More women than men write books for children, so it stands to reason that they tend to lean toward things that appeal to kids of the female persuasion: not always mind you, but quite often. Lady writers know what little girls (and not so little girls) like - right! So, with the profusion of story choices offered to them, about topics they think are cool, it's no wonder girls read more than boys.

Now that I've dragged this dirty little secret out in the open, what can writers do about fixing this, so our boys will also have a ready supply of books they love to read?

First off, female writers have to go discover the other side of the gene pool - the Testerone Mystery! What makes it tick? What interests those it inhabits? How can we entice a "testerone flavor of the month" into the books we write for boys?

It's beginning to sound like a banned book!
NOT SO, mates.

My son David was a reluctant reader. Short of my gluing a book to his hands, and threatening dire consequences, he would not read. Not sure about you, but I was certain this was not the way to get him HOOKED on BOOKS!

"It's boring, Mom."
"Can I stop now?" - after 5 minutes.
"I'll read it later - promise!"
"Laura liked it ( his sister), so it's gotta suck."
"But a lady wrote it!!"
"Aw Mom, the team will flub without me."

Just A few of my son's wiggle-outa-reading excuses. Books should be a can't-put-it-down-till-I -finish, kinda fun - not a gun-at-the-head torture. How could I hook this kid of mine on the pleasure of reading, the thrill of that magic carpet ride to fascinating and far away places, of intriguing characters, and boy targeted adventures.

Then I found him the Hardy Boy's Series. Not great literature for sure, but who cares: These books GOT DAVID READING. No nagging, no excuses. After reading the complete series of umpteen books, he asked for more of the same. Now that I knew his reading needs, it was no problem to provide my son with the sort of macho page turners he loved.

That's when the answer hit me right in the face. . .

Forget the frills and the fashions. Dump the giggles and the whispered secrets. Think mini-male.
Give boys a scaled down version of what their Dads, Uncles and Grandfathers enjoyed reading.

*An humorous action mystery
*A fast paced wild country adventure
*A school bully fed his own medicine
*How to survive ( macho man style) in an all female household.
*A bordering on gross holiday adventure - fast and funny!
*Fantasy and Sci-Fi dudes on the rampage.
*Tales about winning team sports.
*Bring on the dinosaurs!

Keep girls to a minimum and the DIALOGUE ALL BOY!
Let the yuck factor rule - especially with humor.

Get the picture. . . sorry, I mean BOOK?

Begin by researching what the boys you know and love like to do. When they gather to watch TV, sports, or play computer games, SPY ON THEM! Listen to the way they talk, their current interests, the food they crave. Note what they think is cool, and what they hate. Get a feel for what tickles the junior male funny bone!

Now, go to the library and read everything they have that was written with boys in mind.
Depending upon the age you want to write for, look for books written by:

Max Elliot Anderson
Gary Paulson
Steve Young
Louis Sachar
Lemony Snicket
Bruce Colville
Jeanne duPrau

Or, go to Michael Sullivan's Website

There you will find a plethora of books written with macho in mind - from picture books to young adult, from fiction to non-fiction, and everything in-between. More than 99% of them written by men. Come on ladies, we can't let men keep this side of writing all to themselves!!

If we want young boys to start reading, we as authors have to write books that have boy appeal.
And parents need to understand that little Andy and sister Jillian might look a lot alike, but this does not mean they want to read the same sort of books. Andy will want macho man stories, while Jillian will probably go for girlie stuff.


Authors need to WRITE BOOKS BOYS want to READ
And then. . .
Parents can buy books that HOOK their boy's interest.

Slam-dunk, Mates!



My Website - Manuscript Critiques

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FREE LINK to me reading that book -
all reluctant reader friendly!