Saturday, September 26, 2009

These Parents HOOKED their KIDS on READING - EARLY!

My daughter Laura, and her husband Dave,
are terrific parents.

And my two wonderful grand-daughters are
much loved and cherished.

Laura with Karly & Reagan

Karly - 8 months

Reagan 2 1/2

Karly & Reagan
They are the delight of my life.

But what has all this to do with HOOKING kids on reading?

Read on. . .

These two great parents began reading to their girls from the moment they were born. Their house has so many children's books, it is beginning to resemble a library. They sit on the couch, flow onto the floor, tumble off tables, and crowd the girl's bedrooms.

In my daughter's home, reading to their girls is only a whisker less important than food, love, and nap time. HINT: Mom needs the nap breaks, even if the girls are still rarin' to go!!

Here are some of their favorite titles.
Read them to the small ones
in your life!

The Bunny Book - by Patsy Scarry

Max Counts His Chickens - by Rosemary Wells

(Reagan loves anything Max and Ruby related)
My "A" Book - by Jane Belk Moncure

Bramble Bear - I Wish I Was... - by Geoffrey Alan/Lynny Gibba
The Big Red Bus - by Judy Hindley
The Tale of Peter Rabbit - by Beatrix Potter

The bond, closeness, and fun of reading picture books to a child, in time can develop in them a genuine love of books, plus reading for the sheer pleasure of it.

Books can take your children where you can't afford to take them, give them insights they will treasure, and offer a window into the lives of a host of wonderful characters. Books can be fun, educational, or mind bogglingly intriguing.

My daughter and her husband have the right idea -

Make sure the kids in your life discover the
hidden treasure found ONLY in books!

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