Monday, August 17, 2009

e-BOOKS are COOL - Try them on your RELUCTANT READER.

"E-book Sales are Finally Taking Off -
With or without Kindles and Readers!"

This is the title of an article, written by Peter Svensson
for the Associated Press - read it HERE

The Oregonian Newspaper today printed this fascinating article about e-BOOKS and their growing popularity. Now they are available on iPhones, Kindle, Blackberries, book readers, as well as the good old computer screen. This makes it easy for an e-Book story, or newspaper article, to while away that s-l-o-w "wait" time: for adults and kids alike. YEA!

And if you have a reluctant reader, or a boy who hates to read, try him with an e-Book. The button pressing and new technology will get him interested, and the right story will do the rest. By "right story," I mean something rough, tough, action packed and macho!

Other sections on this blog offer
"Boy Friendly" titles and authors.

E-books are Green, Save Trees, Environmentally Friendly and Much Cheaper than their paper versions. You don't have to buy a book reader or a Kindle - not until they came WAY down in price anyway. Your PC or laptop screen works just fine.

It is only a matter of time before book readers are able to show color, and can be bought for well under the $100 mark. Imagine several dozen books downloaded into a light, hand held reader that is no heavier than the average library book. Or, use your Blackberry or other device to hold a great book or two. This will help you while away those spare minutes.

This Will Happen!
The interest and upsurge in e-Book Interest
has already begun!

Kids today are teckno savvy, mates.

There is a time and a place for books of all types -
both in paper, and those that are downloaded.

The future will embrace both paper and electronic books.
Reading pleasure for everyone!


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