Saturday, July 4, 2009

Max Elliot Anderson - Author of BOOKS BOYS WILL READ

Today, I want to introduce you to

Max Elliot Anderson and his Blog,

If you want your boy to stop being a reluctant reader, you need to search out authors who know how to write about things boys find cool, fun, and slightly dangerous. Max Anderson is one such author. Boys eat up his wildly adventuresome plots and characters.

WHY? Because Max's characters do things
all boys long to do.

His characters dig deep, and find the courage to act in ways that make boys feel good about the end result. Boys find it easy to root for and identify with what his main character feels and does. His books reach a chord within young boys that appeals to their macho image of themselves, without overdoing it. And his books are FUN!

Max Anderson's Blog, BOOKS and BOYS is the place
to go if you want to discover books your boy
will read, and then beg for more.

To give you some idea of how this great writer thinks, plus synopses of some terrific adventures for boys, click on the links below. Also read pertinent links to articles on how to write for boys.

Here's another Author Interview with Max Anderson,
you can score BIG for your
reluctant reader.

Click on the link above, and add a comment on that blog,
and you could WIN one of Max's books!

These links below start you off on the Max Elliot grand tour:

Books for Boys
Cool Guys Read
Books for Boys by Max Elliot Anderson
Action-Adventure & Mystery Books for Boys
Background on Max Anderson

And if you CLICK HERE you can link to ALL the rest of Max's Blogs.

Hey, what can I say. The man's a dynamo!


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  1. I read about this books recently. Sure wish they were around when my son was younger. He was a reluctant reader. Even now he's not as much into reading as I wish. Amazing since I have been an avid reader all my life.

    Wishing Max continued success.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Cheryl.

    Me too. My son was a reluctant reader, and I know Max's books would have HOOKED him.

  3. My daughter is the reluctant reader. But it's not that she's reluctant, it's more that she never developed a liking to reading and cuddling and being held. She would take her bottle and that would be it - after that she didn't want to be in my arms or sitting on my lap to be read to (as she got older). She never was interested in having anything read to her. Now, though she reads occasionally and she does enjoy my stories which is a good thing since the younger sister is based on her partly.

    Margot, I think I have a series that will hook kids into reading - so if you are looking for another one to add to your list, just put me in - E :)

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