Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The RELUCTANT READER LAIR goes on Robin Falls Kids Story Time - Blog Talk Radio

The Reluctant Reader Lair
All about writing "Books That HOOK Kids
their Reluctant Readers will read.


Hey there, mates. On June 24th, at the very early hour
of 8am Pacific time
, I will be a guest on the
Robin Falls Kids Story Time
Blog Talk Radio Show.

I get to chat about how to write books for reluctant readers - especially boys, and then read from my latest book, "Rattlesnake Jam," a boy friendly rhyming story if there ever was one.

I even sneak in a plug for my next book from G.A.P,
"Ruthie and the Hippo's Fat Behind."

Ruthie is not a boy, but if I'd named her Stevie, the Hippo and her freak-out fits would fit Stevie, right down to the mismatched pair of socks! Stevie and the Hippo's Fat Behind would definitely hook small boys.

Everyone who leaves their e-mail address, when they phone in or leave a comment, receives a FREE AUDIO of me reading one of my rhyming kid friendly stories + the illustrations

So, phone in here -(646) 649-1005
Go to Robin Falls Story Time on Facebook


my 7 book rhyming series -
Fun facts about animals from the US and Australia.

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