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This week my
SKYPE connection went

On Tuesday evening my magic carpet of books flew to New Delhi, India.

I visited with a classroom of enthusiastic and  talented teens who soaked up my words and writing suggestions with sponge like eagerness. Bright, smart faces looked back at me from a crowded classroom as I read to them from Taconi and Claude - Double Trouble. The Q and A session took us into overtime (1 1/4 hour total time), as students peppered me with question after question.

I came away from this Skype session feeling completely jazzed and energized - wonderfully bright and eager students, keen to know how books were written.

My Magic Carpet Worked Overtime!

This week I have  SKYPED with three different classrooms on the East CoastSeeing those eager smiling faces looking out at me was a terrific day brightener. My adrenalin raced. Again, I saw the interest in books, reading and writing stories soar. Encouraging young kid's minds to develop a love of writing, and HOOK them on reading, always gives me a thrill.

Books I read from for these classes:
*Down Under Calling - grade 4 and 5
*Kangaroo Clues - grades 3 and 4
* Mama Grizzly Bear - kindy and grade1

Books I showed:
*Rattlesnake Jam - PB ( they laughed at the illos and first two verses)
*Horatio Humble Beats the Big D - dyslexia. - PB
*The Revenge of Thelma Hill - young teen

I will be flying my Magic Carpet of Books to different states in the coming weeks, with the possibility of a return visit to that wonderful New Zealand school I visited earlier. 

If I could hug Skype I would!!


How my Well Oiled Magic Carpet Flies

*I design a special chat scenario for each grade level.
*I show Aboriginal Art with my Aussie themed books
*I read a complete PB, or a chapter from a young teen book
*A week ahead of time I email (attachment) the teacher an Order Form to send home to the parents + my Introductory Letter. This letter introduces me, and includes an email and web address, so parents can contact me or look over the books on my Order Form.
*If appropriate, I include pictures on the Aussie/US animals, plus an Aussie word glossary.
*I also let the teacher know that I will fit in with her class needs whenever possible
*I try to make this Skype Magic Carpet Adventure as easy as possible for the teacher.

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