Monday, January 20, 2014


Let the DREAM Becomes a Reality!

With World Book Day and Martin Luther King Day almost hand-in-hand. . .

Let's Unleash the Dream! 

Introduce our kids and our classrooms to some awesome books with multicultural themes.
These books SHOW that it is your actions, honesty, and respect for the opinions of others that really count - plus a deep understanding that color, religion and country of origin should not come into play.

My dad always told me to look for friends among those with moral fiber, courage, and good will toward all. He never mentioned color, or the country they or their parents originally came from. I grew up in Australia at a time when the native aboriginals had no say and no power. Fortunately this has changed a great deal, but as with discrimination and racism everywhere there is still a long road to travel.

The following books not only tell wonderful stories kids will love reading, they SHOW that the young heroes and heroines in every one of these books is colorblind. They instinctively know that a good friend only cares about how YOU TREAT them. Sadly, children learn discrimination by  hearing or seeing the adults they trust and love show biased actions or reactions.

Here are some highly reviewed picture books and young teen books that celebrate our differences, whether they be cultural or color related. We need many MORE such books!

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Pinterest: Book Reviews (kids to YA)

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