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REVAMPED-Hook Kids on Readng


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Hold onto your hair, mates,
not even The SHADOW Knows! 


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Windows 10 is now being downloaded. A cool Freeby-at least for a year.  Get the Scoop from KIM KOMANDO. The GOOD - the BAD - and the UGLY!  Then decide if Win 10 is for you.

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I posted this on Facebook yesterday, and received a GINORMOUS LACK of comments.
I have been at this writing for children game for well over 20 years, so I am no cute young thing!
I am beginning to wonder if the plethora of self published books for the genre I write, has made rising to the top, being noticed, and actually selling books, a no win proposition.  I do have another MS in the wings, but I am seriously considering letting it slide.

The buying public has so many choices these days.  I wrack my brains on a daily basis, for new and intriguing ploys that might grab a reader or two--a review or two. Yet I am not getting the readership I want for my books.  All my fellow writers are on Facebook etc doing the same thing. Without spending like a drunken sailor, for professional promotional help, how do we get our books into the hands and minds of today's kids?  Schools and Skype are an option I have mined deeply.  My kids and family are not interested in spreading the word--busy with their own needs.

So now  I am considering retirement--actually spending quality time with my dear husband and enjoying our garden.  Having the time to read some of the wonderful new books I keep adding to my Pinterest boards--both for adults and kids.

                                              Hence the 'CRY' for help you see below.


Books for Kids
Skype Author Visits--Manuscript Critiques  



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