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Australia--The Stolen Generation



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The Stolen Generation:
Australia’s Dark and Tragic Past.

Imagine your child playing in your front yard. As you watch through the window, a van of policemen pulls up. They take your screaming child away. You never see your child again.

And it was all legal. 
Children who were very dark skinned were allowed to stay with their parents, causing many indigenous people to dye their children’s skin dark using the sap of the milkwood tree. However, if a child looked as if he had any white ancestry, he was taken away. Some, if they looked white enough, were adopted by white families. READ MORE
As an Aussie myself (now living in the US), I was shocked and disgusted by the actions by my then government. I always knew that Aboriginals, like the American Indians, got a raw deal when the white settlers arrived and took over their land.

This is one reason I wrote Dreamtime Man. I wanted to show how the native Australian people struggled to survive, and how far they have eventually come in claiming their place, their cultural dignity, and their rights.

Final illo and verses from
'Dreamtime Man.'

Much time has slid past–many moons full and new,
Since the people of Dreamtime claimed old Uluru.
Tribes now are proud of their history and lore,
Some, willing and eager to claim  even MORE.

Today when they gather ‘round Corroboree fire,
Men dance old Legends while the Spirits inspire.
"Dreamtime" still leads them where white men can't follow,
Where the spirits of old offer hopes for tomorrow.

 The stars here are the Southern Cross--seen only
south of the equator


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