Sunday, March 2, 2014


Put your kids (or class) on a
Skype Magic Carpet Ride!

*It's FREE Educational Fun!
*My visits help HOOK Kids on reading and writing.
*Meeting a real author puts a whole new slant on books.
*Kids love to get answers to ALL their questions.

Adventures, Humor, Fantasy or Animal tales?

If I SKYPED  with your class, what would YOU like me to bring?

I would love to read your comments.

I have always thought of reading as a Magic Carpet Ride to fun and adventure. This dates back to the time I was a little girl in Queensland, Australia. I was always dodging chores so I could hide up the huge mango tree in our back yard and read my latest book.  Oh . . . the trouble that got me into!

Smart authors weave in the things kids need to learn to become kind, caring and helpful adults. Characters young people identify with can get points across that no adult could manage.

                                                                    LATEST SKYPE NEWS

                                                                    Teacher Alert!

January and early February 2014 were  busy SKYPE visit months. 
Then the Arctic Blast swooped down. . .

It was a bummer when the arctic blast on the east coast forced several schools to cancel Skype Visits due to cold and excess snow.  But hey, we will reschedule when the weather improves.

Already one Skype Visit is rescheduled for March, for a grade one class in Connecticut.  This is a repeat visit!! And a new visit for a second grade class in New Hampshire. 

Most of these teacher connections come from either Linkedin or from Education Skype, where I am registered.

Magic Carpet Ride Now


The Parent-Teacher Helper


Let me suggest PINTEREST as a great place to look for teaching and classroom suggestions, advice and help. Look on my TEACHER/CLASSROOM board for links and suggestions that will make classes more enthusiastic, and your teaching day easier. The BOOK REVIEWS there are also a great source of fine educational reading for your class.

And if you are dealing with Dyslexia, reluctant readers,
                   or other Special Needs Kids, check out my  SPECIAL NEEDS etc 

                                                                             A great resource for advice on

                    PARENTING - BOOK REVIEWS - SPECIAL NEEDS (ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, etc)

                                                                      or MENTAL HEALTH.

                       ** I do not review the books: the reviews come from a variety of online sources.



Books for Kids - Manuscript Critiques


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