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Listen to me READ Dreamtime Man 

Then go buy it so you can enjoy the
marvelous illustrations, along with the story 


We are on the home stretch now.
Ioana has perfectly captured the scene in the verses below

 Illo for verse #7

Then came the white man - he invaded their land,
He brought grim dilemmas no black man had planned.
The whites came with families, with cattle and sheep,
They changed life forever, making sky spirits weep.

Their cattle ate grasses that kangaroos needed.
Many creatures were killed or otherwise weeded.
The whites killed black hunters, shot emu, shot birds
They murdered from fear, or to make room for herds.


There will be no more "peeks" until
"Dreamtime Man" is published 


Illustration  #4


The illustrations for this special book of mine are turning out to be spectacular.  Ioana is an intuitive artist. She "gets" what I want immediately, and she is always happy to adjust when necessary. I would happily recommend her for any cover or illustrated picture book.

I love how she worked the scene I envisioned these two verses.  I am going to ask her to send me some of the early sketches, so I can show them hre, as a way of letting you see how she has embraced this story and made it her own.

Ioana is now working on Illo #5 and we both want it to be a big, wonderful surprise!!


Illustration  #3

Amazing illustrator, Zdralea Ioana, has completed
the third illustration for my #‎Dreamtime Man
Ancient Land – Ancient Tribes – Ancient ways.

When Lubras poked tree-bark and roots for good eats,
They found grubs and insects - the best of all treats.
And the rubbing of fire-sticks created the flame
That provided the coals for cooking their game.


It is fascinating to watch my verses come to life
– rich color, and the authentic “feel” of the
Aussie outback country.



My “Dreamtime Man” is taking shape
  A rhyming picture book for grades 4 and up

The second illustration for Dreamtime Man is now complete.
Again, I am so pleased with the look and feel of #2.

Illustrator Ioana Zdralea knows her stuff.
She has captured the essence of these two verses to perfection.

The men painted plant dyes on bodies and faces.

Each tribe owned traditions - their own sacred places.

They knew all their borders, their Totem, their role, 

Being one with the land was their true spirit goal.

While elders spun tales of the Dream Spirit's wishes,

Men sharpened spears or carved wooden dishes.

As the young learned to hunt and respect ancient lore,

Their survival came hard: a rough day-to-day chore.


 The First Illustration

Illustrator, Ioana Zdralea, did an awesome job of interrupting this wild and mysterious Dreamtime land.  I am thrilled!!  This is the illo she sent me  for the first two verses. The verses describe the harshness of where the Australian aboriginals had to scratch out a living, 

  Do go see Ioana’s other art work:


Imagine a wild place where sun burns the sand,
Where water and food must be scratched from the land.

This place is the wellspring of men black as coal,

And Dreamtime ruled all who endured as one soul.    

While shy Daintree tribes hunted deep in the shade,

Tough bush and outback men learned how to trade.                     

Whether hunting, or fighting, or struggling to live,

All respected the Dreamtime and what it could give.     


More sketches and finished artwork will
come to this page soon.


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