Friday, August 30, 2013

REVIEWS That Are a Pleasure to Do


 As most of you know, I do not do reviews.


I don't have the time, and I am at an age when I feel I can say NO without feeling guilty. Plus, I hate cringing over pages, that although published, have never seen the keen eye of a good editor. How DO you gently tell a writer that you simply can not give their book a good review?

However, for these two books I have made an exception.

Donna McDine is not only a friend, she knows how to
string words together so they mean something special.

No cringing necessary!


Get your mid-grade kids ready
for a reading TREAT!


Powder Monkey

by award winning author
Donna McDine

Illustrated by K.C. Snider.
Guardian Angel Publishing.
Mid-grade Historical Fiction

                                                              Hardcover Edition ISBN: 9781616333843; 1616333847
                                                                    Paperback ISBN: 9781616333850; 1616333853
                                                                        eBook ISBN: 9781616333867; 1616333863

Right away the title intrigued me. The richly detailed illustrations, by well known artist and illustrator K.C Snider, drew me back into a time when the theme of this historical novel would have been played out – press gangs kidnapping young boys for service at sea.  This tale of 14 year old farm boy Tommy, and his older brother, is well told. It has the right feel. The author’s research shines through on every page. Action scenes, and well crafted tense moments pulled me into the story, and the ending was true to life in those times.

This is a book that boys and tomboys will enjoy. Teachers and home schooling parents will appreciate its authentic background and vivid details: an exciting and action packed read. I recommend Powder Monkey as a book that will definitely HOOK Kids on Reading.


 One for the sports fans:

Hockey Agony

by award winning author,
Donna McDine.
           Illustrated by Julie Hammond               

PRINT Paperback ISBN: 9781616333607; 161633360X
eBook ISBN: 9781616333614; 1616333618

Guardian Angel Publishing

Hockey Agony is steeped in teen angst. Larry is on crutches, and he does not appreciate Coach Brennan’s blah, blah, blah, homilies. Coach has a good heart, but Larry will have none of it. And when Coach asks Larry to be the clock runner for Friday’s game, it’s a twist that really puts the outcome in question. Will Larry sideline his attitude and run the clock? Will he shave off a few seconds, as hinted at, if needed? And will his co-clock runner Matthew, from the enemy team, be a push over? Maybe, maybe not? The title says it all. Hockey Agony author, Donna McDine, knows teen boys. So my advice is: read this book ASAP, and discover the answers for yourself.

Your reluctant reader will be HOOKED by these two exciting stories,
and other readers will eat them up.   TRUST ME!!


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