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If your child turns up their nose at READING,

It's all a matter of finding books with plots that FIT their interests.
Plus a little writing "Magic" to keep them turning the page.

Budding ballerinas will LOVE
The Ballerina and the Moon

 Written and Illustrated - by Irene Zevgolis

(A Sequel to The Dreamer and the The Moon)

Tara is over the moon at being accepted into the children’s ballet theater. Yet when Miss Monique, the ballet teacher chooses Tara as the Fairy Princess in the fall recital, Anna and the other dancers stop being her friend.

I acted as manuscript adviser.

Available through AMAZON


Does your reluctant reader need a MAGICIAN  to
HOOK her interest?

Magical Mea
brings the perfect magical mix!

 Author: Penelope Anne Cole
Illustrator Kevin Collier

 Mea's tricks are sometimes unkind, and she must learn that her  magical
talents need to be used wisely, and with a kindness in mind.

Available through AMAZON
Guardian Angel Publishing  


Does your BOY prefer computer games to reading?

Time to SNEAK in the BIG GUNS!

Max Elliot Anderson grew up as a struggling, reluctant reader.
After surveying the market, he sensed the need for action-adventures
and mysteries for readers 8 and up, especially boys.

Plus NINE other rip-roaring tales just as exciting!

By boy and tomboy author,  Max Anderson
Available at AMAZON

And the Reviews are awesome!



NO WAY could your young teen not "GET" a ghost that was
channeled into the story by the author - NAME and ALL!

Her MOTHER no less!

Okay!  Okay! It was MY mother, and it took a few chapters before I realized what was happening.  But by then I was on a roll, and something told me (guess what?) that my dear mum was quite tickled by the whole idea of being features in one of my books. . .                  So I kept writing, and channeling, until I had it just the way Mom wanted it to end.

The Revenge of Thelma Hill

Author Margot Finke
Cover Art Art:  "Awesome" Agy Wilson 

When Frannie and her twin brother move to Oregon with their dad, Frannie has no thought of ghosts, creepy basements, or giant arachnid "familiars." Trapping a killer was definitely not on her summer vacation to-do list. As the sibling rivalry between her and Jeff grew more intense each day, Frannie dreamed about her missing mom, and worried about making new friends. But the ghost of Thelma Hill changed everything when she begged Frannie to trap her killer. Could she and her nerdy twin trap him? Or would they both end up sharing their basement with Thelma Hill - forever? 

 Available at
AMAZON (Kindle) - Smashwords - NOOK


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