Tuesday, October 11, 2011

REVIEW - Trouble on Earth Day

I don't usually do reviews, but this new picture book
by Kathy Stemke spoke to the GREEN in me.

As parents, we teach our kids about many things.  Yet our "actions" will speak louder than all the nagging words we throw at them.  This new picture book of Kathy's has kids and parents working together for a greener and more reusable and recyclable world.


Trouble on Earth Day -
Picture Book – soft cover

Author - Kathy Stemke
Publisher – Wild Plains Press
Illustrations – Kurt Wilcken
Earth Day projects modeled by: Eamon Monaghan and Summer Dodd

ISBN: 978-1-936021-36-9 
Kathy Stemke is a writer of talent and imagination, and her squirrel characters in Trouble on Earth Day are delightfully written. Illustrator Kurt Wilcken gives the family a cute and cuddly feel – just right for a story that teaches kids that “green” is great. 

When daughter Shelby wins the Earth Day poster competition, things around their tree house change FAST. The words RETHINK – REUSE and RECYCLE, featured on Shelby’s winning poster, become the squirrel family’s motto. Shelby explains it all to her bewildered parents. And when it comes to reusing, Shelby discovers her mom is no slouch. Even a sad bluebird learns about recycling from this engaging young squirrel

This cute story is a wonderful way for young kids to learn how to reuse and recycle – and make it FUN. And at the back of the book you’ll discover a HUGE bonus of games, “green” information, and crafty  ways to reuse and recycle everything; from nylons to old CDs. 
Kathy Stemke makes going “green” way cool. 

 This is another of Kathy's delightful picture books.
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