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EDITING for Self Publishers + the Gentle Art of a Professional Critique.

 Let me introduce you to the gentle
art of Professional Critiquing
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What follows is for those considering

 When you self-publish, you do not have access to the FREE editing services provided by a traditional publisher.   You must PAY for EDITING.   A good professional edit means a quality book that has a fine chance of garnering glowing reviews. . . . plus SALES!

First, join an online critique group for the genre you write, and pick their brains. Crit groups will also know the reviewers, bloggers, and best places to promote your book.  Most successful authors today work with other writers of their genre, and offer each other feedback and support. Online writing groups usually have many private crit groups formed among their members; 4-6 writers who support and advise each other regarding their manuscripts.  They can often tell you if the publisher you chose is legititimale or NOT.

After your crit group agrees your manuscript is as good as you can make it, have your book professionally edited. No one can successfully self-edit their own book for self-publication. You need a fresh professional eye that knows how to spot plot weaknesses, typos, and characters that are not rich and powerful. A pro edit is expensive, but it makes all the difference between an amateur attempt, and a book that sells.

It takes time to build a platform and find the right contacts and places to promote your book. You have to master the art of tight and terrific Press Releases, set up a great blog that lists your book, cover, and where and how it can be purchased + plus add regular information about yourself and where you will be promoting it. Search out local book stores that will let you do signings. Research book fairs and other events where you and your book will be welcome.

Contact Newspapers, bookstores, TV and radio in your area, and try for interviews and pictures of your book. Those online groups I mentioned earlier can help you find the right place to host a Virtual Tour for you and your book - lots of interviews, pictures and reviews of your book go into these Virtual tours, but you have to find the right company to set it up.

 We writers tend to be insestuous - we promote among other writers.  This is good - up to a point.  However you need to get known to the ordinary buying public.  A good Virtual Tour will also have access to  places where buyers of books hang out. They will make sure your interviews, reviews  and Press Releases go to the right blogs, newspapers and radio stations.  You will pay for a Virtual Book tour like this, but it will preach to those who might buy your book - not just those who already know you write books.

Get known as a writer of a specific genre on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and other sites that are book related in general. Networking is the name of the game. It takes time to build a following, brand yourself as a writer, and discover the right places to promote yourself and your book. It takes time, money, and LOTS of energy to successfully promote a book.

I know. I had three new books published early this year, and I am still running the Promo Game like a crazy lady - and mine were traditionally published!!


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