Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SCHOOL VISITS via Skype and a Webcam - Are they a GO?


For schools a bit off the beaten track, or unable
to come up with big fees, 
have you though to
Try a SKYPE-WEBCAM visit
to introduce YOU and your BOOKS?

I write books for kids (11pub so far), and I'm looking for
teachers or schools that would like a Skype/Webcam
visit from an author like me . . .

Margot Finke

An author who loves to get r
eluctant readers

With the economy in the dumps, and many schools feeling a definite pinch, I think author visits via Skype and a Webcam will fill a very definite need in an economical, as well as fun and informational way.


Just like my in-person school visits, I would talk about writing books, illustrating them, read one of my latest, and maybe run a short lesson on writing or rhyme.  I am happy to provide whatever the class curriculum needs. I will encourage the use of active and powerful words - of kids exercising and playing with their imagination. The idea is to paint instant word pictures in your reader's head. This brings the plot and the characters alive. 

Reading is a Magic Carpet Ride
to fun, adventure, and a chance for great educational
opportunities – all from the safety of your comfy chair. 
My collection of Australian aboriginal artifacts  – boomerangs, message sticks and bark paintings etc,  show well, and would be a hit with any class. And answering children’s questions is always a highlight of any school visit of mine.

I would also love to give the class, or any child that wants one, a FREE copy of my short time-travel (PDF) adventure. Synopsis:  When a magical Boab tree sends Taconi spinning into the 21st century, Ruthie and Horatio (characters from 2 other books of mine) help Taconi and Claude find their way back to the 1950s where they belong. 

My two latest books are:

Taconi and Claude – Double Trouble.

This is a mid-grade adventure about a young aboriginal boy’s coming of age problems. It is set on a cattle station in outback Australia, circa 1950.  *My Teacher’s Guide page encourages the use of the KWL study guide. There is also a glossary of fun Aussie and aboriginal words included.

Horatio Humble Beats the Big D.

This rhyming picture book supports dyslexic kids in their efforts to read.  It is a fun read for any child, yet it encourages parents to diagnose problems early.  A helpful parent/teacher guide is included.

Teachers who are interested, please e-mail me for more details:

( Home schooling parents too! )

Make the  Skype-Webcam technology work for


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  1. Margot - I am very interested in doing this too. Have you done it before? I am worried that my presentations, being so interactive, will not translate well to the screen. If you have any advice, I would be most grateful! You could reach me at susanna@susannahill.com Thank you so much!

  2. Susan thanks for the comment. I think Skype-Webcam school visits will become popular with time, and the increase of Skype and webcams in schools.

    These days travel time and hotel accommodations are expensive + schools lack the funds they once had. I will e-mail you as requested.

    Margot Finke