Tuesday, October 23, 2012

TRY Goodreads HOOK Kids on Reading!

 Today is something 

My Goodreads
HOOK Kids on Reading

Books for inclusion:
Picture book, young adult - and all ages in-between

I am fairly new to Goodreads, yet I do have a presence + followers and friends. As well as my own page of books there, I began a NEW group called Goodreads HOOK Kids on Reading. Being fairly new to Goodreads, I have found it tricky navigating around and finding things. So I will be grateful for any help from old hands.

HOOK Kids on Reading  is a PRIVATE LIST where members need to be approved before joining.  This so our target audience, teachers, parents, school librarians, and grandparents etc, get to choose from books that are well written, and have received great reviews.
                                                         The best of the best!
                                              I have already invited a few authors who have
                                                   written terrific books for kids and teens.

Email me at mfinke@frontier.com if you would like to
chat further about joining this quality
book recommendation list.

 A list of great book properties:

*Fun to read.
*Kid friendly.
*An adventure.
*A mystery. 
*Educational details that are cool to learn.
*Make ecology and being "green" a great thing.
*Prove helpful in a kid friendly way.
*HOOK readers with a WOW factor.
*Tempt reluctant readers to keep reading.
* NOTE: Traditional or self- published makes no difference. It is the aim of HOOK Kids on Reading to offer a selection of wonderful books -  no matter who published them.

To JOIN and Include your BOOKS:

*GOOD REVIEWS that reassure parents, teachers, etc
*Add covers only,  a short description + a link where your book can be purchased.
*A Book Trailer or a Video reading can also be added - see list of options on the top right. 
*To add your book, go to GROUP HOME and then click "PICTURES."   See how I added my cover, and what I wrote will give you an idea.  
*"Pictures" offers a simple way for people to find information, and choose great books for kids. The "Bookshelf" section is more for reading, review and comments.

If the books we list show a consistent high quality, our target buyers and readers will return time-after-time.  Let these books show what a fun and fascinating Magic Carpet Ride wonderful books can take you on. All aboard!!

Do you have one or more a children's books that received great reviews? If so, please consider adding them to "Goodreads Hook Kids on Reading" - where the books listed are perfect for the children in all our lives.


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