Friday, January 27, 2012

Guardian Angel Publishing - NEW BOOK Releases.

January 2012
NEW BOOK Releases 

 Guardian Angel Publishing

 APRON STRINGS hardcover and softcover, Dixie Phillips, Laureen Caponigro
When Grandma Eleanor gets sick, Lexi discovers heavenly clues in the apron
her grandmother sewed for her seventh birthday. Apron Pattern included.

PUT IT BACK, JACK Rosemary Ebert A/A Two brothers
take a walk through the woods and the youngest
brings back something unexpected.

MICE IN MY TUMMY Andi Houdek, Kevin Collier  Sami Rae feels
funny movements in her stomach when her teacher
asks her questions, and she wonders why.

ONE NUTTY FAMILY James Byers, Kevin Collier  A story of
a squirrel and her nuts address issues of love and security
for foster and adopted children.

Guardian Angel  publishes kid friendly books that parents also love to read.  Their books are fun, often educational, and they help children deal with life in the 21st Century. Their wide and wonderful selection offers the perfect any time gift for the kid in your life.


Margot Finke
 BOOKS  for Kids - Manuscript Critiques

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