Monday, May 9, 2011

Mom Bloggers are a HOT Item.

Powerhouse Moms Hang Out

MCBG Wins Top Honors in Mom Business Competition 2011

You can find MOMS there taking on any topic -
from diapers to diplomats!

Choose a GROUP that interests you:
Product Reviews, Writing, Moms over 40, Aussie Moms. . .
Moms of Boys, Moms form the South.

You name it, they have a group that covers it.

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Create a group of your choosing. 

Today I am featuring two ladies who are Mom Blogger Members. 


Memorable Children Books & Gifts
Ella Johnson started Memorable Children Books & Gifts in May 2008. 

As a former teacher, she knew that making basic education fundamentals interesting to children was challenging. Education can be fun, exciting and captivating for children with the right learning tools.  So her goal was to “make learning interesting and fun” for the children while they learn.

Including the latest technology was imperative, because we don’t want children left behind. Her products include Personalized and Non Personalized books and gifts. In 2009,  Ella decided to give away free school supplies to 5 of her customers. she also started monthly free giveaways, giving reading books and gifts.

Then in August 2010, she extended the free school supplies to 20 bags of school supplies, and  used Chick-fil-A at Brandon, Florida as our base to give these school supplies to kids. Ella intends to continue with this program.

In 2011, she will increase the number of books she gives away free to help support parents. As of January 2011, she has given away over 70 books in free drawings. Ella also started writing reviews for children’s books, then giving these books away free on Mymcbooks Blog. She hopes to give away over 200 free books by the end of 2011.

Memorable Children Books & Gifts
is also in the business of supporting other small businesses.

Photo Gallery -
great photos of give-away days!


 Flower Power Mom -
the Truth about Motherhood after 40.

(an abbreviated Bio)

Against the odds and well into her forties, Angel La Liberte, BA (Hons) Psych, conceived and gave birth to two healthy children (in 2002 and 2005) without the aid of medical fertility treatments. Unwittingly, she was soon drawn into the rising international cause célèbre in the baby-making stakes—the fast-growing population of ‘mid-life moms’.

An experienced writer and public campaigner on divorce and relationship issues in the media limelight, Angel was a regular ‘guest expert’ handling live phone-ins on over 200 television and talk shows—including BBC and ITV news and breakfast programs—and leading newspaper and magazine features, in the UK through-out the 1990’s.

Following the rise of her national UK campaigning organization and magazine, Single Again, her book, Relationship Breakdown—A Survival Guide (Ward Lock, c. 1997), was published in the UK and Europe. Angel moved to California in 2007 to raise her family, ‘weigh in’ on the controversy surrounding the rise of the ‘granny-moms,’ and launch her website—Flower Power MomThe Truth About Motherhood After 40  in October 2009.

In May 2010, Angel launched a national awareness campaign—Celebrating Motherhood After 40—to help relieve stigma faced by “older” mothers.  She now writes a monthly column for Bay Area Parent—part of the organization—on parenting after 40.

Along with her regular blog at Flower Power Mom, Angel is currently working on her book: Sex, Diapers and Menopause—a compendium of true stories and articles about motherhood after 40.

If you want to find articles and opinions by this
bundle of energy and talent:

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