Wednesday, November 3, 2010


What happened to the old-fashioned
2-D side-scrolling games?
(from my trusty computer Guru Kim Komando)

They were a ton of fun to play. And they were safe for the whole family to play. Unfortunately, 3-D games seemed to kill them off.
However, thanks primarily to mobile gaming platforms, 2-D games are back. The graphics are better than ever. And there are some impressive game play options.


is a particularly cute new game.

You control a cute frog on his fun adventures. There are coins to collect and enemies to defeat.
The game play borrows from many classic games like Super Mario and Kirby. But it has some modern techniques like wall-jumping.

Hitting the Escape key brings up the settings panel. This lets you change the controls. You can also turn off the music if you like. It is portable, which means it doesn't need to be installed. This can cause a false positive with some anti-virus programs. Don't worry, though. The program is virus-free. The game also sends anonymous data back to the developer's servers. This helps them refine the game. Your firewall should alert you to this, but you can block this with no repercussions.

Enjoy Good, Old-fashioned Family Fun - Again!



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