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"KLUTZY KANTOR" - Cool Book - Cool Author.

It is my pleasure to introduce
a very special children's author
and her first book.
. . .

"Klutzy Kantor"
Jessica Aday Kennedy

Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing
Illustrator: Jack Foster

PRINT: 978-1-61633-051-4; 1-61633-051-1
eBook: 978-1-61633-052-1; 1-61633-052-

Like Aday, Klutzy Kantor, the riddle-solving, klutzy Pegasus, is not afraid of facing adversity. He flies to a rainbow and challenges a tricky leprechaun to a mental duel. If he solves Cobbledom Leprechaun’s riddle, the leprechaun will end Kantor’s klutzy ways. Klutzy Kantor uses his mental muscles to seek a solution to his clumsiness problem, because his brain is his strongest asset.

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The “Go Me” song, co written with
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and can be heard on her website.


Below are Jessica's answers to my questions.
This talented writer likes to refer to herself
as, "A Differently Abled Writer."

Take it away Jessica!

What got you started writing for children:
I actually began writing for adults. My mom has been shaking her head for years, because I was such a BIG kid. I wait for every animated and kid’s movies eagerly. I loved coloring, playing with my nieces and nephews, have scads of stuffed animals and board games, etc… It never dawned on me to try. I started with short stories, moved to picture books (I’ve got 8 to be published by Guardian Angel Publishing), and I am working on a tween chapter book and a young adult novel. I concentrate almost completely on books for children.

Tell us about “Klutzy Kantor and how you came up with that fun name
It is pretty convoluted. Well, he’s like a horse, but has wings. Horses canter. He shares some of my sister’s traits. He’s a total klutz. I liked klutzy better than clumsy, and put a K on canter, and changed the e to an o.

With your disability, how do you go about promoting your book?
That’s my biggest hurdle. I try to visit radio stations, book stores, television stations and newspapers by phone. Whenever possible I go in person. It is a lot harder for people to say, “No.”

What do you think makes a great children’s picture book?
A combination of excellent illustrations and prose make a great picture book. Due to the reduced word count, every word must pack a punch and engage the reader.

Tell the readers something about yourself that no one else knows.

I haven’t eaten anything by mouth in two years. Boy am I hungry! Actually, I am fed through a tube in my stomach.

NOTE: Let me explain, that due to a stroke, this wonderfully determined and talented writer is paralyzed, and permanently confined to a wheelchair. I am honored to call her my friend.

Thank you Jessica, and I know
"Klutzy Kantor"
will be a huge success.


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  1. Hi Margot,
    Thanks for hosting me. The post looks great.Sorry I'm so late checking in. I've been sleeping like the dead. I'm coming off a steroid cycle to curb a sinus infection.
    I'll go tell my social networks.
    J. Aday Kennedy
    The Differently-Abled Writer
    Children's picture Book Klutzy Kantor
    Coming Soon Marta Gargantuan Wings

  2. Jessica is a great gal and her book is a winner.

  3. Terrific interview of a very inspirational author, Margot. Good on you.

  4. Another amazing interview of Jessica. She continues to inspire me!

    Best wishes to you both,

  5. It was my pleasure Jessica.

    And thanks Bill and Janet for your comments. Jessica is an amazing lady.

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  6. Great interview, Margot and Jessica!

    I think you're book marketing tornado, Jessica! :-)

  7. Thanks Mayra. Jessica deserves all the accolades she receives.

    Books for Kids - Manuscript Critiques

  8. Thanks Donna. it was an inspirational interview for me.

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  9. Margot and Jessica,
    What a great interview! I'm so inspired to "meet" you, Jessica.
    ~Heidi Sisto

  10. Thanks for the comment Heidi.
    Jessica is a very special lady.

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  11. KLUTZY KANTOR Drawing winners
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  12. Great post, ladies. Jessica is an inspiration and a very funny lady.

  13. Great interview with an amazing lady about a cute book! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Thanks for the comments Kathy and Connie.

    Jessica is a great interview!!