Monday, March 28, 2011

READ Taconi and Claude - for a Classroom Project That's FUN!

Fun Classroom Activities Using
"Taconi and Claude"

The story of Taconi and Claude offers a class trip
to the Australian outback of the early 1950s.

The rich and fascinating flora and fauna of this area of Australia rises off the pages. Kids will smell the gum trees, feel the scorching heat, and wonder at the termite mounds. A fear of wild dingoes might steal over them 
at any moment.


 Pictures of unique Aussie animals -
click a picture for extra information:

 Aussie flora - pictures and information:  

                             Urulu - The heart of Dreamtime Land
 Witchety Grubs - YUM!
                   Sacred Boab Tree
A class reading of my "Down-under Fun" page, on critters unique to Down-under, offers fun facts + links to other resources. Supervised Googling of the various animals will show more detailed information + pictures. The wattle tree is the Australian national tree, and is mentioned in Taconi and Claude. The sweet smelling clusters of yellow flowers are a national symbol.

Taconi and Claude offers a chance for children to look at another culture and see how it compares with their own. It will help children learn to be tolerant of the customs and beliefs of others. Doing this will hopefully make the world into a more peaceful and happy place.

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Book Bites for Kids
                     "Taconi and Claude - Double Trouble"
                                       + HOOKING reluctant readers with a WOW factor


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Friday, March 25, 2011

CALLING Librarians, Teachers and Those Who Want to HOOK KIDS on READING

 This week I am on a Virtual Book Tour
hosted by the

National Writing For Children Center

to promote 
"Taconi and Claude - Double Trouble"
my new mid-grade adventure for boys - and tomboys too!

Writing the story of  "Taconi and Claude" was a labor of love.
Though I now live in the US, I spent the first half of my life in Australia.  The Outback, and the Dreamtime Land in this book, was only a kookaburra flight across the mountains from where I grew up.  It is an ancient land, and its aboriginal people are one of a kind.  And the far outback tribes enjoy a fascinating way of life

This is my BOOK TOUR schedule:

* Monday, March 21 - “Meet the Author”
Host: Irene Roth –

* Tuesday, March 22 -  “The Writer’sLife”
Host: Donna McDine – 

* Wednesday, March 23 - “Tradebook Tips for Teachers”
Host: Nicole Weaver –

* Thursday, March 24 - “Writing Tips
Host: Mayra Calvani - 

* Friday, March 25 -  “On the Go”
Host: Nancy I. Sanders –  

* Saturday, March 26 -  “Become a Facebook Fan”
Host: Terri Forehand –

 By all means go back and check out this week's earlier
Tour Sites - just scroll down a little to see my name.

Listen to me on Book Bites for Kids
Interviewed by Suzanne Lieurance about Taconi and Claude
and writing WOW FACTORS  for boys
- and tomboys.


Librarians, Teachers, and Home Schooling Parents:


 I would love to introduce my educational and kid friendly
books into your classrooms.      
Margot's Magic Carpet
contains all 11 of my books.
Do please check out my Teacher's Guide.  The KWL Learning Guide is included, and could easily be applied to enrich children's knowledge and perceptions of Australia: historically, culturally, and also the rich heritage of Down-under's unique flora, fauna and geography.  I am happy to answer any e-MAIL questions.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

RANDY KAZANDY - a Kid with Cool Glasses.

If your child can't see his hand before his face,
yet throws a tantrum whenever you mention being tested for glasses,
you need . . .

If your child's life is miserable because some BIG DOOFUS  kid
is bullying  him, you need help from . . .

When Students sign the pledge they get to wear a Randy Kazandy
wristband that says
I love being me.

They join the Team Randy.  Bullying be-gone!


Randy has impeccable lineage too:
Publisher- Whim Publishing, P.O. Box 293, Paola, KS. 66071
Printed by Worzalla in the USA –Lead Free
Second printing March 1, 2010
Author: Rhonda Fischer  -  Art: Kim Sponaugle


And for kids with eyesight that rivals that of an eagle,
they can. . .
READ Randy Kazandy for the FUN of it!!

Available from Amazon and other online and store outlets.


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All my books on one page.

"Taconi and Claude- Double Trouble "
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